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Reeg Lawyers, LLC: Agriculture Law, Insurance Coverage, Toxic Torts, Personal Injury, Products Liability

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REEG LAWYERS, LLC - We are experienced, accomplished litigators with a straightforward approach to the practice of law, always keeping our clients’ interests first.  Our competitive hourly rates and practice philosophy reflect common sense values that are rooted in the Heartland.

Reeg Lawyers St. Louis Missouri Attorneys

Our firm provides clients with an uncommon depth of expertise and economic value in the areas of agriculture law, insurance coverage, and toxic torts.  Our focus is trained on meeting our clients’ legal needs without delay, wasted time, or distractions.


Complex Litigation

CLIENTS COME TO US with a variety of important concerns - complex corporate transactions mired in litigation to insurance coverage to farming and agricultural disputes. Clients trust our attorneys with their business-critical litigation and matters that can change the course of their industry – yet we never forget that it is their case, and their goals are paramount. We provide counsel in the pursuit of our clients’ goals and aggressively advocate for their legal rights.

Our attorneys are skilled litigators in a number of areas, yet possess significant expertise in the following practices:

Their opponents have described Reeg Lawyers as a “well-known and respected law firm with attorneys who vigorously represented the interests of their clients and brought to bear a sophisticated and impressive defense.”  PUBLIC PENSION FUND GROUP, et al. v. KV PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY, et al.  Case No. 4:08-CV-1859 (CEJ), “Memorandum Of Law In Support Of Lead Counsel’s Motion For An Award Of Attorneys’ Fees And Payment Of Expenses” at p. 10. (2014).


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